Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation for Industry 4.0 ecosystem to generate the necessary data to harness the true potential from the Industry 4.0 framework. IoT is a plethora of technologies with sensors, communication protocols, gateways, and how to integrate data with cloud/on-premise platforms. This course will transform you to understand the above mentioned IoT basics and gain first hand practical IoT experience via scalable virtual IoT simulators.

  • Session 1 - Management basics
  • Session 2 -Strategic Management
  • Session 3 - Managerial Statistics
  • Session 4 -Finance for Non Finance Management
  • Session 5 -Cultural Diversity
  • Session 6 -Change Management
  • Session 7 -Marketing fundamentals
  • Session 8 - Negotiation Skills
  • Session 9 -International Business
Trainer profile

Govind A

Principal Educationist

An active industry professional with 2 decades industry experience from India/overseas. He is collaborating with top companies to implement Industry 4.0 eco system.

Certificate of Completion