About us

Future Connect is a bold initiative taken by industry veterans to address globally accepted Industry 4.0 movement. Governments across the world are actively promoting national level Industry 4.0 policies like Produktion 2030 in Sweden, Industria Conectada 4.0 in Spain, the Industry Connected 4.0’ in the USA, and Manufacturing Innovation 3.0 in South Korea (Kiel et al., 2017). India is taking a leadership position in the world stage an aggressive national Industry 4.0 policy to enhance Indian industry efficiency and effectiveness in the next level.

We at Future Connect are fully cognizance of the massive employment opportunities to prospective students, fresh graduates, and working professionals from this global Industry 4.0 movement. We offer genuine, curated, and industry-relevant Industry 4.0 competency development programs to augment prospective candidate's skill levels and at the same time helping the industry to attain the required Industry 4.0 skilled resources.


We do work with global corporations to chart out tactical and strategic digital road maps and delivered a lot of Industry 4.0 solutions across the world including IoT, RFID, 3D printing, Virtual reality, augmented reality, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We do develop Industry 4.0 point solutions to MSME sector like IoT/Cloud/Machine Learning solution to address maintenance/production issues, Virtual reality training solutions, Blockchain/AI solution to address raw material procurement, and RFID solution to address asset tracking challenges.

No doubt, you are meeting a capable and proven Industry 4.0 team from India.

Unique propositions

  • India’s first and exclusive premier digital transformation (Industry 4.0) certification course
  • Comprehensive coverage of vital management concepts along with Industry 4.0
  • Delivered by curated industry professionals with strong international experience
  • Faculties who teach at world renowned higher education institutions from India and Overseas
  • T learning model to provide breath and depth of Industry 4.0 framework
  • High Intensive 6 months course
  • Blended Learning (Online + Recorded sessions + Cap stone project at designated center) Pedagogy methodology


Govind A

Principal Educationist

Govind A is the seasoned industry professional with 24 years’ experience (14 years corporate + 10 years own consulting/entrepreneurial), focusing on industry 4.0/ERP advisory/Supply Chain/Turn around consulting for signatures clients from India/overseas.

He spent more than 10 years out of India, worked from 18 countries spread across 6 continents, and held various leadership roles from top companies like TVS, Satyam, and Wipro Technologies. He managed massive outsourcing engagements from Wipro technologies in the tune from 10 million $ to 100 million $ from Fortune 500 clients like Cargill, Nike, Johnson Diversey, and GSK. He is collaborating with top companies to chart out tactical/strategic digital strategy road maps, lean consulting, and business turn around initiatives.

Ravi Shankar Radhakrishnan

Director – Learning Administration and Digital Technology

Ravi Shankar is a technology Savvy guys with vast experience in consulting, Training and product building over two decades. Director, Lera Technology USA , owner of Nectarsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore based IT company focused on ERP segments and Co-founder of Future Connect initiate.

He has witnessed 18 Mid to Large implementation and 10 supporting projects across 12 Industrial Verticals. Covering the geographies of USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Muscat, Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

A Technology entrepreneur, Specialized in ERP implementation, Technology Audit, implementing Security systems, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery Planning, Risk mitigation analysis etc,.

Education: MBA-IT from All India Management Association-AIMA-New Delhi and MBA in Supply Chain and logistics from Anna University, Chennai.